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What My Students and Clients Say

“I did Children’s Picture Book Course which I’ve found to be an
amazing course. Adrienne has so much experience in running this
course and the Picture Book area. She pushes you to your full
potential providing great encouragement to the students, keeping
you motivated to keep on track to cover the wide range of tasks
and activities each week. The atmosphere is friendly and the
students support each other with a central area of information
and help. Great drawing day trips were organised around Dublin
which helped me to build confidence and to sharpen my skills.”
Eimear CarragherPicture Book Boot Camp 2016-17
“The course covers everything you need to know from that first
thought to print. I would highly recommend it. I had always
loved to draw, having studied graphic design in college but
had fallen out of practice. Therefore I signed up for Adrienne’s Illustration
Boot Camp for 2015-2016 and found the variety and open nature
of the course projects and being guided by Adrienne’s technical
knowledge, endless creativity and positive approach were exactly
what I needed to get drawing and painting again. Above all I enjoyed the
positive atmosphere of the course so much I signed up for the
Picture Book Boot Camp the following year, 2016-17.”
Dave McGrathIllustration Bootcamp
“I joined Adrienne’s class to reignite my creativity, as a graphic
designer. My work is entirely on computer and it has been
incredibly refreshing to be challenged to create in so many
mediums. Also, Adrienne has pushed us all individually to explore our
own styles and jump outside our comfort zones. The class is a
supportive creative environment in which to grow at your own
pace, with the guidance of a professional who is generous with
her tips and feedback and wonderfully encouraging. I feel I’ve
gained a lot of insight into producing professional polished and
individual illustration work and it has also had a really positive
effect on my work as a designer. Big thanks from me. I’m loving it!”
Alison WatsonGraphic Designer
“I was lucky to get a place on Adrienne’s Children’s Books course.
Adrienne brought us step by step, putting together an illustrated story
for submission to publishers. From brainstorming ideas to character
Development and storyboarding, It was wonderful to get such practical
information from a professional with experience in the industry.
I was encouraged to develop my own particular style and use my
strengths (watercolour!).The experience and knowledge I gained from
the course enabled me to go on and illustrate a story, “A Friend like Simon”,
for Irish publishers Special Stories. The thrill of seeing my work published,
made possible by doing this course. I’m still in touch with friends I met
on the course and we continue to encourage each other in our art endeavours! I have gone on to have my work published and make a career of it.”
Caitriona SweeneyIllustrator
“Adrienne’s course is packed full of relevant information for children’s
picture book making and is also delivered at a cracking pace which really
encourages you to get on with your project. I have found it hugely
enjoyable, informative and also inspiring. For this reason, I would highly
recommend it, especially if you are interested in the process of picture
book making.
In conclusion the course is so well organised and Adrienne is an excellent teacher
who really knows her subject”.
Liz RackardArtist / Art Therapist
“This is a brilliant course! I would highly recommend it to anyone who
wants to improve their drawing skills. I work as a graphic designer
but longed to get away from the computer and start painting again –
something I hadn’t done since Art College many years ago.
Adrienne is a fantastic teacher; she introduced us to a vast range of
materials and also techniques. The weekly tasks unleash your creativity
to its full potential. You gradually build up a collection of self-promotional
illustrative work of a professional standard. I honestly can’t believe how
much my drawing skills have improved since I started this course. In addition
it has helped me create my own personal and unique style.
I’m absolutely chuffed!”
Michelle HedbergGraphic Designer / Illustrator
“Adrienne is a natural communicator and facilitator. Her creative and
conceptual expertise in the field of Children’s Picture Book Illustration
and Writing really is first class.
For instance, she is both generous and also enthusiastic in the dissemination of her
knowledge and guidance in the classroom.
I would strongly recommend Adrienne’s courses to all those budding
creatives out there bursting to develop mature and professional work in the
field of Children’s Picture Books and general illustration.”
Sean MackelWriter
“At The Illustration Boot Camp Adrienne creates an environment that encourages us to be both creative and productive, and is really enjoyable. I find that the deadlines are a good discipline – without them I’d be just full of good intentions! I always look forward to the class”.
Eithne O’DeaArtist
“I have been working in the illustration and animation industry for many years
but have always dreamt of doing my own book.
This course has been a really enjoyable and amazing experience.
I have learnt so much from the course and have gone on to have my books published.
I would highly recommend Adrienne’s illustration courses for
people with experience or without”.
Una WoodsIllustrator
“Participating in Adrienne’s illustration course is a fantastic way
of escaping from a state of artistic unproductiveness, and artist block.
She assigns us regular briefs to ensure we are constantly producing
top class work and opens our minds to the possibilities of experimenting
with quite a diverse range of media and materials.
I’d highly recommend this course for increasing your creative confidence
and for a motivational kick! I have since signed up for Adrienne’s autumn 2020 workshops in her home studio.”
Georgina GarriganIllustration Bootcamp
“I found Adrienne’s Illustration Bootcamp invaluable for extending
my reach into the world of illustration. We were strongly encouraged
to experiment with materials and ideas and to step out of our comfort zone.
There was a very strong class dynamic where students from different artistic
disciplines got a chance to mix and share ideas. This vastly improved my
confidence and knowledge of the illustration industry.
Very informative and enjoyable course!”
Carmen Touhy Illustration Student
“I have never studied Illustration in any depth before and found Adrienne’s Illustration
Boot Camp to be just what I needed.
Great projects, great artists, great interactivity and great fun!
If you need to re-ignite your creative spark, introduce yourself to illustration
or just want to draw, I would definitely recommend Adrienne’s course.
I hope to attend the Children’s Book Course as soon as I get a chance.
Thanks to the boot-camp a number of Adrienne’s students kept in contact
and set up a blog to keep our illustration projects going – check it”!
Kevin BohanBlind Elephant Collective
“Adrienne’s illustration boot camp gave me a chance to develop my style
but also experiment with new styles and ideas.
The project briefs challenge you to develop your ideas beyond your comfort zone. I
t was fantastic to meet and interact with the other students who share your
interest in illustration. I found that since the course I have a new outlook to
producing illustrations and that the play and experimentation I practiced
during the course has continued in my new work, and I now have a full time career as an illustrator”.
Paula McGloinIllustrator
“Adrienne is a wonderful teacher. I found her to be very interested and
enthusiastic with tons of real-world experience which she shared with the class.
I would highly recommend attending any of Adrienne’s illustration courses. I have
Gone on to have many books published since the course.
Jennifer FarleyGraphic Designer
“I really enjoyed the illustration boot camp, it provided a great opportunity
to reignite and challenge my creativity. As a result of the course I have kept
up illustration through a blog that several of the attendees are part of.
It was great to see the other participants approach to the briefs and be inspired
by other people’s styles of illustration. Also for me it was a lovely way to get
back into doing my own work”.
Jessica TobinArtist
“The Illustration Boot camp was brilliant! Exploring new mediums and adapting
to different briefs was very interesting, so we could discover how our own styles
met different objectives.
Getting to know like-minded people was also great. Many times I couldn’t wait
until class to see how the other students approached the brief for that week
because sharing the work we produced was a way of drawing frequently and
there was always something you could learn (and admire) from one another.
It was great fun and overall a lovely experience.Since the course I have had many of
my books published.”
Tarsila KruseGraphic Designer
“ I found the illustration boot camp course to be a great experience which provided
me with a series of challenging and diverse illustration briefs. It was also a great
place to meet like minded people that I could swap ideas with. I have been working
as a professional illustrator since the course. I am now living in Quito, Ecuador.
In May 2019 I completed my MFA in Visual Communications at The School of
The Art Institute of Chicago.Before my MFA I worked as a Visual Designer, Illustrator
and Printmaker in Dublin, Vancouver, Berlin and Chicago.I have exhibited in various
group shows in The United States, Ireland, Canada, England, Spain, Germany,
New Zealand, Finland, Romania and Malaysia.”
Killian DunneArtist
“I joined the Illustration Boot Camp to gain an insight into illustration in its many forms.
As well as having a personal interest in the subject, I felt that It would also really
benefit my work, as I teach full time art & design portfolio preparation.
I thoroughly enjoyed the class. I got a great deal out of Adrienne’s expertise and
wealth of ideas, and indeed also out of the exchange of ideas amongst the class
group. I would have continued with further courses, had I been living solely in Dublin.”
Ruth MannionArt teacher
Adrienne has developed a solid framework with goals, exercises set each week,
challenging and fun without being ‘overwhelming’!
Adrienne has a wealth of practical experience offering guidance and encouragement
in just the right measures. Each student chooses a topic for their main project,
and Adrienne keeps in the loop of where each individual is at, and where they
need to ‘get to next’. And it’s done with a deceptively light touch that inspires
confidence every time. It’s a really worthwhile course for anyone looking to bring
a germ of an idea beyond doodles and produce work they could submit to a
publisher for consideration.And all that with the practical and moral support to
help you get there!”
John LeeStudent
“The main things that stand out for me and which I value in Adrienne
as a tutor are her enthusiasm and also creativity in relation to illustration and
visual art in general. I have found her to be very open-minded, always
encouraging new ways to try things, explore and experiment.
She seems to have a constant stream of ideas to keep you inspired and
This is very encouraging and beneficial to me as a student”.
Nicola ChestnuttStudent
“It was a big decision to enrol in Adrienne’s picture book course as I have
to make a lengthy bus journey from Galway to Dublin every week.
Now I can’t wait for the two and half hours of drawing, writing, discussion
and networking. In the first half of the course we were given a comprehensive
set of notes, designed week by week, to develop and improve our drawing,
writing and confidence. Currently, we all have our characters created and story
lines developed. I am enjoying every week with Adrienne and have a much deeper
understanding of the industry. If you have, like me, day- dreamed for years about
writing your own picture book then this course could turn your plans into reality”.
Alison MaccormaicStudent
“Although I haven’t had the pleasure of participating in Adrienne’s Illustration Boot Camp,
I attended the Writing and Illustrating for Children’s Books Diploma she was previously
running with Independent Colleges. The course was well structured. It allowed budding
and aspiring illustrators to hear first-hand from an established artist and illustrator,
and also to receive practical guidance on the development of each student’s project.
The group discussions were very valuable, as well as fun.
Adrienne has a creative mind, is very approachable and never hesitates
to share her experience with her students, which is exactly what you want
from a great tutor! This recommendation is truly deserved”.
Alessandra PolliciniStudent
“Adrienne’s breadth of knowledge and wide industry experience makes her Picture
Book Boot Camp second to none. The exhibitions at Little Green Street Gallery
is the icing on the creative cake at the end of an intense but fun course”.
Lorna Gordon Student
“Working on the Picture Book Boot Camp is both exciting and challenging.
Story concepts and also character development have been the most challenging
aspects and I am excited to see all the finished books.
All through the course Adrienne Geoghegan has provided excellent
knowledge and support”.
Clodagh ConroyInterior Designer
“Adrienne is a wonderful teacher. Very interested and enthusiastic
with tons of real-world experience which she shared with the class.
I would highly recommend attending any of Adrienne’s illustration courses.”
Carmen TuohyIllustrator
“We were encouraged to experiment with materials and ideas and step
out of our comfort zone. Strong class dynamics, where students from
different artistic disciplines got a chance to mix.
Very informative, enjoyable course!”
Carmen TuohyIllustrator
“Really worthwhile experience. Great projects and hand-outs,
loads of one-to-one advice and support. I would recommend the course to
anyone with an interest in illustration.”
Emily GoodIndependent Arts and Crafts Professional
“I joined the Illustration Boot Camp to brush up on my drawing skills,
having not picked up a pencil since college. I have to say, one of the best decisions
I ever made. Really interesting course, fantastic tutor and classmates, will reawaken
your dormant artistic capabilities. I found my illustration skills increased ten fold and
this in turn has improved my graphic design skills. Couldn’t recommend it highly
Ruth MannionExternal Examiner at FETAC
“As I came from a Fine Art background, I wanted to branch into
the illustration field. Adrienne made lots of stimulating short-term briefs and
Projects and gave individual feedback, informed talks and industry advice.
it was a brilliant way to start honing my drawing style for an illustration audience
rather than a fine art one. The briefs were exciting, with lots of practical handouts like
pointers for picture books and editorial illustration as well as illustrators to research.
It was great to get group feedback. Since boot camp I decided to do an MA in illustration
which I really enjoyed. I have since written and illustrated
many children’s books and had them published. I highly recommend taking
her course if you are interested in branching into illustration’’.
Sheena Dempsey Self-Employed –Picture Book Author/Illustrator
“Teacher Adrienne is an excellent tutor! I attended both of her courses,
Illustration Boot Camp and Picture Book Illustration in Dublin over 2 years. I met like-minded and talented people who shared ideas and great conversations. We eventually curated two group exhibitions with the work created in Adrienne’s classes. The courses reawakened my artistic streak and I am now teaching art and selling commissions of my own. Highly recommend these courses.”
Sheena Dempsey Illustrator
“I joined the Illustration Boot Camp to gain an insight into illustration in its many
forms. As well as having a personal interest in the subject, I felt that it would also
benefit my work, as I teach full time art & design portfolio preparation. I
got a great deal out of Adrienne’s expertise and wealth of ideas.”
Fintan Wall Graphic Designer
“Adrienne’s enthusiasm and joy for creativity made the classes really engaging. The pace was lively with fun writing exercises. We came away with our own picture book pre-drafts. Adrienne shared her writing and illustration work practices in a very open way which was really interesting. Highly recommend.”
Orla LeydenStudent – Zoom – Oct 2020

Erika Doyle
Erika Doyle
16:52 07 Nov 21
I took Adrienne's online course and it was so well structured, full of tips and planning advice as well a creative... exercises to get you going on your own picture book. Thoroughly recommend trying it, thanks Adrienne!read more
Sam Curran
Sam Curran
09:37 29 Jun 21
I have just completed the 5 day beginners course, and to say I am blown away by the content is an understatement. I... absolutely recommend this course to anyone interested in writing and illustrating children's storybooks. Adrienne is incredibly generous with her knowledge and time and is so supportive. I look forward to putting all I have learned into practice!read more
Anne Gildea
Anne Gildea
13:28 25 Apr 21
I loved Adrienne's beginner's course – I came to it because I was a bit burnt out in my own creative practice and bit... swamped by the ubiquitous uncertainty of these times. Having no connection with children’s lit, I was interested to see if engaging with different methodologies and practice would be inspiring – Times a million it was! Adrienne’s organization and exercises, her sharing of her experience, her process, and her amazing work (including work-in-prog), her encouragement and insight into the biz of kids' lit – Just fantastic. A really well put together course by a world-class, award-winning children’s author and illustrator, I cannot recommend it highly enough. In summary – the super-well thought out exercises and progression of the course, the inspiration of seeing how Adrienne manifests her creativity and the icing on the cake – the engagement with the other (international) students – who were all so inspiring, funny and full of ideas – made this not just an exceptional learning experience – but, personally, a great survival tonic at this time. I learned so much I can apply to my own (entirely different) work going forward. It really re-ignited things for me. Thank you Adrienne Geoghegan. Final comment: For what I got out of it – Fabulous Value!read more
Ems F
Ems F
03:30 21 Apr 21
I attended Adrienne’s follow on picture book course in March after doing a picture book course with her years ago! It... was a great refresher and update on the picture book world. Everyone in the class was able to bring their ideas for their books and we did a number of exercises to push our thinking and had group critiques where everyone could give their input. It was super inspiring and I definitely feel more focused on completing my book. I highly recommend Adrienne’s classes!read more
Eva Plazewska
Eva Plazewska
09:09 15 Apr 21
Can’t recommend Adrienne’s courses highly enough! Early this year, I attended her Picture Book for... Beginners-Intermediate course, followed by the Advanced Picture Book course. After the first course, I made a huge leap with a story that’d be floating around my head for years — thanks to a very hands-on exercise Adrienne shared! The advanced course helped me to crystallise a goal around creating and selling my book, and I am so much further along in my journey towards that aim. These courses are practical, fun and draw upon Adrienne’s many years of experience as an author, illustrator and artist who has a deep understanding of the picture-book publishing more
Ruth Ennis
Ruth Ennis
19:49 29 Mar 21
I did the advance picturebook workshop in March 2021. It was a brilliant class that helped me get to the final stage of... my picturebook ready for submission. Adrienne gave everyone a lot of time and individual feedback and the discussions with my fellow picturebook lovers were super fun!read more
Katie Sherlock
Katie Sherlock
17:39 29 Mar 21
I attended Adrienne’s week-long follow on picture book class in March. It was a great experience, we had enlightening... discussions on each student’s picture book as well as useful exercises to take our books to the next level. After attending the class I felt I had made significant strides forward with my own book and I also feel encouraged to keep charging ahead. Thank you Adrienne!read more
Geraldine Lane
Geraldine Lane
13:16 02 Mar 21
Adrienne delivered a great hands on course with loads of helpful tips and info.
Alia El-Mo
Alia El-Mo
02:43 02 Mar 21
The picture book course was fantastic! Adrienne was so encouraging and inspiring. I have left the course with so many... new ideas floating around in my head 🙂 100% recommendread more
Denise O'Brien
Denise O'Brien
16:56 10 Feb 21
I did my first ever Story book course with Adrienne this winter. It was engaging, informative and inspiring. Thanks... Adrienne!read more
Carolina Medina
Carolina Medina
12:53 10 Feb 21
It was my first time taking a course of illustration (This time was the Picture Book Camp of Adrienne). I learned so... much about different techniques, different media and layout, also how to build storyboards and to develop character design! Very happy with what I got, now I am building my own brand based on all the new thing Adrienne taught me. Absolutely recommend 🙂read more
Paula Moen
Paula Moen
18:04 07 Feb 21
I recently attended 5 sessions of a one-to-one Picture Book refresher course with Adrienne. It was done via zoom. We... had zero issues communicating via zoom. The course was exactly what I needed to boost my creativity and streamline my ideas. Adrienne’s expertise in the art of Picture Book creation is second to none. I would highly recommend her courses, be it one-to-one or group more
Casey Art
Casey Art
22:27 20 Feb 20
Really enjoying this workshop. Learning to experiment with mixed media and bring out my creativity. My confidence has... grown and that's thanks to Adrienne for all the more
Odile Regnier
Odile Regnier
19:01 20 Feb 20
Thank you Adrienne for helping me getting my confidence and art back in my life and furthermore making the unimaginable... happen: no more fear!read more
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