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Bank Holiday Sunday Morning

Bank Holiday Sunday Morning

This morning I set my desk up in the kitchen. The reason is that I need to keep all  sides of my working and personal life separate:

A. All of the daily tasks to do with running a successful private art school, including lesson plans, answering course queries, banking, updating my website, social media, applying for shows, art competitions and call for entries to participate globally in the world of art and illustration. To name but a few

B. All offline stuff: storyboarding, planning, experimenting, sketching, reading, thinking, playing, doodling, making, painting, collaging, cutting and pasting, and work for shows such as the next Collagista Festival, and Rural Urban UAC group show.

C. Being a member of The Women’s Inspire Network, SCWBI, Children’s Book’s Ireland, Assocciation of Illustrators London, Bite the Biscuit Community and Illustrators Ireland, means I often spread myself a bit thin!

C. Non ‘career ‘ stuff but still work: raising a teen, dog walking, cooking, laundering, cleaning, bill paying….list is endless.

D. My social life: it is, I admit a busy one, and I am lucky to have such a great bunch of friends. We love to go for a bite to eat, openings, the pub, or a nice wine bar, walking our dogs together, brunching and lunching, laughing and crying, and planning shenanigans.

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