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Win A Place on One of My January 2019 Courses!

Here’s what you need to do to enter:  Create a piece of art which summarises the feeling of NEW YEAR NEW YOU! Save your art as a 72dpi JPEG and save as: NEWYEARNEWYOU2019_FIRSTNAME_SECONDNAME.jpg (e.g. NEWYEARNEWYOU2019_JANE_SMITH.jpg) Email it as an attachment JPG to adriennegeoghegan@gmail.com by Friday 4th January 20I9 with ‘Illustration Competition’ in the subject title of your email. Please note: By submitting work for this competition you give us permission to share it on the website, blog and/or any social media…

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The Artist’s Way with Adrienne Geoghegan

What makes an Artist? Adrienne Geoghegan chats to Nightcourses.com about life, creativity and the joys of being an artist. Adrienne Geoghegan is a familiar name on the illustration scene. She’s not only an accomplished artist but has passed along her knowledge to countless students through her much-loved VISUAL ART BOOT CAMPS. Adrienne is best known for her idiosyncratic collages, assemblages, shadow boxes, and children’s picture books. Her work was shortlisted for the McMillan Prize for illustration at the RCA exhibition and…

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2019 Courses Material List

 ‘SUGGESTED’ MATERIALS LIST DAY ONE ESSENTIALS IN BOLD ITALIC Pencils 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B. Lined notebook for taking any written notes Black fine liner pens, 001,01,1,2 (start with one) Pencil sharpener Eraser A2 pad suitable for Mixed Media at least 250gsm (picture book people) A3 pad suitable for Mixed Media at least 250gsm (illustration people) (available in all good art suppliers as well as Amazon.co.uk) free delivery to Ireland if you spend over €25 – which you will! A4 Sketchpad – for doodles…

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Summer Assignment for 2019 Student Intake

100 DAY CHALLENGE SUMMER SKETCHBOOK ASSIGNMENT  Start now to get ahead of the game!  You can pick and choose from below as long as you add the correct image number to each of your images. Join the conservation with fellow students using the hashtag #Visual123  in your social media, especially Instagram. Enjoy! Using a variety of materials and mediums draw from observation, or in some cases from imagination.  Use a sketchbook with stiff smooth paper. draw the view out of your…

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September Artist of the Month

Meet Picture Book Queen, Sheena Dempsey, our September Artist of the Month. Sheena shares with us a refreshingly honest and insightful journey into her practice as a best selling picture book illustrator. Sheena took my class around 7 years ago as far as I remember....she was an outstanding student. When did you first ‘feel’ like an artist? I don’t usually use the word ‘artist’ to describe myself but I started feeling like a proper illustrator (that is saying it without…

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How My Other Half Lived… The Secrets of a 1980s Knitwear Designer EPISODE TWO

So, roll on to the year 1986.  I began a my own Knitwear Design Company. No training in fashion college, just an instinct and an eye for colour, shape and design.  I subscribed to all the top knitwear design industry magazines, and got my self the woolmark symbol licence.  Lainey Keogh was flying, why shouldn't I? So with a new knitting machine, wool from France, and a head full of designs, I knit my first collection of samples and hit…

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