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2019 Courses Material List

 ‘SUGGESTED’ MATERIALS LIST DAY ONE ESSENTIALS IN BOLD ITALIC Pencils 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B. Lined notebook for taking any written notes Black fine liner pens, 001,01,1,2 (start with one) Pencil sharpener Eraser A2 pad suitable for Mixed Media at least 250gsm (picture book people) A3 pad suitable for Mixed Media at least 250gsm (illustration people) (available in all good art suppliers as well as Amazon.co.uk) free delivery to Ireland if you spend over €25 – which you will! A4 Sketchpad – for doodles…

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Summer Assignment for 2019 Student Intake

100 DAY CHALLENGE SUMMER SKETCHBOOK ASSIGNMENT  Start now to get ahead of the game!  You can pick and choose from below as long as you add the correct image number to each of your images. Join the conservation with fellow students using the hashtag #Visual123  in your social media, especially Instagram. Enjoy! Using a variety of materials and mediums draw from observation, or in some cases from imagination.  Use a sketchbook with stiff smooth paper. draw the view out of your…

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