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D.S.P.C.P. 'Colour Me Blind’ Volume two – "RESCUED"

Ten years ago The Blind Elephant Illustration Collective was a seedling group that started with the students of one of the very first VISUAL ART BOOT CAMPS. It blossomed over the years and put on many great shows and fundraisers for charities. NOW, The Blind Elephant Illustration Collective & Friends, in association with the DSPCA presents: ‘COLOUR ME BLIND’ Volume two – “RESCUED” All profits from the sale of this book in aid of the DSPCA. A bunch of us artists went to visit the DSPCA early this morning to meet some of the beautiful animals who need lots of love and above all FOREVER homes. You’d be surprised at how many species are currently living there. Whilst it’s a happy place with amazing staff and volunteers, all the animals need homes. Not just the cute tiny fluffy ones! The animals are full of love and amazing characters and personalities. I’m thrilled to be a part of it. The hard part is choosing which animal to draw! Here is a taste of the morning!
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