Q: Who is the Follow-On course suited to?
A: This course is designed to enable you to prepare a picture book proposal ready to submit to an agent or publisher. You are also welcome to apply if you have some previous experience in picture book making from another course or self-learning, and a project ready to take to the next level.


Q: Can I apply for the Follow-On before the Beginners?
A: If any of the below apply to you, then yes. If you are unsure, email me or text 087-9919211 and I will get back to you.

  • If you have previously participated in a picture book course or a one to one mentoring session with Adrienne, then yes.  
  • Perhaps you have participated in one of Adrienne’s Picture Book Camp or Illustration Boot Camps in the Carmelite Centre from 2008 – 2020, yes again.
  • Or maybe you attended Adrienne’s course at The Irish Writers Centre, it’s a yes.
  • Or have you more recently have enrolled in Adrienne’s online Beginners to Intermediate e-Course? YES!

Q: What will we typically cover?
A: Over the five evenings, we will explore what are ‘picture book-appropriate’ ideas. We will engage in active plotting and brainstorming, the optimal use of spreads, page-turning, picture book design ideas, both with the written word and employing visual devices.


Q: Wow! Anything Else?

A: Yes. You will learn how to plot your picture book idea into 12 double-page spreads, within the ‘rules’ of picture book structure and layout. You will create, edit and re-draft your thumbnail storyboards, learn about handling characters, time span, and visual variety, using repetition, rhyme, and rhythm, approaching agents and publishers.


Q: So, by the end of this course, what should I have typically have achieved?
A: You will be confidently in a better position to redraft your picture book text, or hone your skills in character development, taking into account the feedback you have received.


Q: Will I interact with my picture book classmates?
A: Yes absolutely. You should be able to assess picture book manuscripts, yours and your classmates with sensitivity and a sharper sense of what is working and what needs more attention. Also, receive an unbiased and critical appraisal of your picture book by your peers and Adrienne, within a supportive, encouraging, and fun atmosphere.


Q: Great! Anything else I should know?
A: You will have learned about creating characters, leaving room for illustrations, effective wordplay, and techniques to keep the pace going across the twelve double-page spreads. On top of that, you will have created a top-notch concept and strong idea of how your story will pan out.


Q: What about agents?
You will have a comprehensive checklist of questions to ask you before submitting a story to an agent or editor, and know when your text or picture book dummy and text is submission-ready.


Q: And afterwards?
A: You will have the opportunity to create or join an existing picture book support group with your peers in order to continue to receive support after the course. You will also be eligible to join future Follow-On Picture Book courses as each one is different and goes according to the group’s needs.


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