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Golden Artist Educators Program – here I come!

I am delighted to have been chosen by Golden Artists Color Inc. as one of 20 artists from around the world to participate in training with Patti Brady, director of the Golden Artists Educators Program.  I’m heading to London for one week of training this Sunday and will be totally immersed in all things acrylic, whilst of course increasing my knowledge of colour mixing, and repertoire of acrylic products and their uses.

From what I see the other 19 artist enrolled on the program are travelling from all over the world.  I checked out some of their websites (amazing!) and I am sure I will learn as much from them as from the training program itself. The Golden Artist Educator certificate is likely to have a valuable impact on my future artwork and positive effect on my classes.

I have been using Golden paints for about 15 years now. I love their quality and diverse offerings in the multitude of mediums.

While this program offers plenty of benefits for us GAEP instructors, I am not a paid rep, and I am not obligated to push one brand over another or endorse the paints in any way. That said, I love the paints so I do hope to experiment more with my own work and also to provide innovative ways to help my own students to explore new ways of working that pushes their process beyond the conventional, by experimenting with new mediums in more inspired ways.

Watch this space!

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