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How My Other Half Lived… The Secrets of a 1980s Knitwear Designer

It all began when I was 9. My Mother bought a KH800 Brother Knitting Machine on HP and we all quickly learned the ropes!

She took on her first order from Daydream Children’s Knitwear, on South William Street in Dublin in 1971. I was with her at the time and I was in shock when she told the boss that she had a dozen knitters lined up. She took an order worth £1,000  with a deadline of 2 weeks…hundreds of little baby romper suits, dresses, and jumpers. T
The next morning my mother put an ad in the Evening Press.  She had 9 local women working for her by the end of the week.  In those days you were totally alone…no enterprise allowances, no local enterprise boards, no start up funding, no women in business networks. She was a brave woman and we all worked for her…I was the pom pom maker, seam fixer, and pattern designer… using a hole puncher machine and my imagination!  My first design was a row of ducks I designed at 9. The following year I saw them on a soap powder ad on TV.  That was my claim to fame. Find out where all this led in episode two, Thursday 23rd August. 

Some memories from my childhood…



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