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Illustration Boot Camp

Our ‘Meet & Greet’ is Tuesday 11th December 8pm to 10pm.
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Apply now for a place in January 2019. Early booking advised.
26 weeks – Tuesdays 6.15pm to 9.15pm & 6 Saturdays 11am to 1pm

A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step…

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Illustration Courses


This course will especially appeal to those who wish to spend time on personal illustration projects, to those who want to build a strong illustration portfolio or portfolio preparation, and to visual art practitioners who have an interest in pursuing a career in illustration, either part or full time. We also used to getting applications from ‘lapsed’illustrators who want to get back to their roots!


A  lot of artists and creative people are disgruntled about their lack of time for their personal projects and development. They want AND NEED to get off their habitual thread-mill…. but how? In this ILLUSTRATION BOOT CAMP participants will take a leap into a lively and productive atmosphere with like-minded people. With a little encouragement, and some coercion, Adrienne, and (hopefully your colleagues!) will sway you into acting upon your ideas. Understanding the importance of the creative process is not theoretical, but hugely personal and experiential. Making time to create new work beyond the commercial sphere can, and will, feedback into a more rewarding (and hopefully lucrative!) career.


The main purpose of illustration is to enhance or augment the written word with an image.  This course is designed as a kind of ‘boot camp’ for visual artists and creative types who need a push. So far we have had participants who are practicing graphic designers, fine artists, visual art students, architects, designers, tattooists, animators, and those who want to explore illustration further. Not everyone has an art degree or art education, but everyone has enthusiasm and a passion to jump right in and learn more in the company of like-minded people. Over the academic year, students will develop their confidence plus broaden and further cultivate their illustration skills in a relaxed and creative environment, by doing and making. There will be discussions, themed projects, critiques, and ‘hands on’ productivity. You will finally have time to investigate different approaches to problem solving whilst cultivating your conceptual skills, through a variety of media. Projects are fun and relevant to the industry. Depending on your particular interests, we will cover:

  • Development of your range
  • Brainstorming for ideas
  • Experimenting with different mediums
  • Looking at contemporary and historical illustration
  • Keeping sketchbooks, journals & diaries
  • Discover book illustration
  • Editorial illustration
  • Poster design and best way to grab attention
  • Image and narrative
  • The portrait as illustration
  • Portfolios
  • Self promotion
  • Location drawing on 5 Saturday mornings 11am to 1pm
  • Photoshop, scanning and printing your work.
  • Printmaking with Debora Ando
  • Preparing work for showcase exhibition and pop up shop for summer 2019.


Application process by email; adriennegeoghegan@gmail.com, include 3 low resolution images of recent work.


We ask each of our new students to fill out a short questionnaire so that we can get an idea of your art experience and ideal outcomes before beginning the course. Please bring it with you on the first day so that we can tailor the course to everyone’s feedback.

Download the questionnaire HERE.


Your homework starts now! Come prepared and start drawing. Details HERE.


The Garden Art Room,
Carmelite Centre,
56 Aungier Street
Dublin 2

DURATION:  26 weeks, starting 8th January, 2019, with end of year show in early June 2019.

FEES: €1,300 for one academic year. Deposit of 50% (€650) secures your place.

Book Your Place

Illustration Courses



Refunds are not issued up to 16 weeks prior to the course start date, due to the short time span to re-advertise and fill that place. However, if I have someone on a cancellation list willing to take the place,  I can offer a refund of deposit paid. ALL cancellations incur an administration fee of €150.  In no other instance is a refund issued, unless in the unlikely event the course is cancelled. FINAL FEES MUST BE PAID BY FIRST DAY OF CLASS. If you must miss this class please arrange payment balance in full with me BEFOREHAND or contact me to arrange an alternative plan. If you do not show up by week 2, nor let me know that you intend to take your place and pay your balance immediately, you forfeit your full deposit, whatever that sum may be, and the place will then be re-advertised.

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