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Illustration Course Details

Welcome to Adrienne Geoghegan’s Illustration Courses Ireland.

Adrienne Geoghegan’s Boot Camps comprise of two main courses: Illustration Course Boot Camp and Picture Book Boot Camp. These course were established in 2009 to fill a gap in the illustration education market in Ireland. Participants use it to up-skill, or to take a new career path into the colourful world of illustration.  On completion of the course, students have the opportunity to showcase their illustration work in a public gallery which is always well attended. Participants go on to make careers in this ever-evolving career option. You can not start an illustration career without having a portfolio. It’s like a surgeon about to operate on a patient without medical tools. Your portfolio shows what you can do and helps to get you assignments.


The location of Visual Art Boot Camps is The Garden Art Room at The Carmelite Centre on Aungier Street, in the heart of Dublin City, a 5 minutes stroll from St Stephen’s Green.  Easily accessible by public transport as well as having good parking facilities (currently €4 for the evening).

Who takes part in Illustration Course Boot Camps?

Many lapsed illustrators and graphic designers returning to up-skill, as well as those who want to investigate the possibility of a new or part-time career. If you are unsure of whether you are a ‘beginner’ or more proficient or experienced just send me three low res images of your recent work or sketchbook pages, and I will try to guide and advise the best course to suit your needs and abilities. On completion of the courses, students have the confidence to approach publishers and art directors, they have had the opportunity to professionally showcase their illustration work in a public gallery which is always well attended by public and media alike.

Adrienne Geoghegan creates a whole new realm of possibility with improbable materials and found objects. Although her mixed media assemblages are created with fragments of everyday discarded objects, the final work transcends the original purpose of these objects. Surfaces, often boxes are painted to become, in effect, a three-dimensional canvas to ‘accommodate’ her objects.

Adrienne re-purposes and unifies the components into complex compositions to convey their significance. A reoccurring theme is disorientation: being lost, undecipherable maps, enigmatic strangers, perhaps a metaphor for not knowing where one belongs? These shrine like assemblages are often presented with ambiguity and humour.

Mission Statement

Adrienne Geoghegan’s courses are geared to accomplish the following:

We are here to imagine, freely create, and learn about communicating visually
We are here to immerse ourselves in the making of illustrative art and picture books, writing and illustration, through briefs, guided tutorials, self-learning, sharing, practice, hands-on demonstrations, lectures and studio work.
We are here to communicate ideas about illustrative art and picture book making in a collaborative and respectful environment.
We are here to work for the most part hands-on, off-screen, using a variety of mediums and styles…to feel the fear and do it anyway!
We are here to grow from our mistakes and to embrace one another’s perspectives as we develop as illustrators and picture book makers.
We are here to grow as illustrators and picture book makers in the knowledge that it is as much about what we do outside of the studio as inside!

Illustration Boot Camp
Picture Book Boot Camp
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