Windrider's Young Adult Novel

I wrote Windriders {Viajentes do Vento} with esteemed Brazilian author, Heloisa Prieto. I will tell you that you can expect a book that is like no other. Richly illustrated, it will take you from Ireland in the early ’60s to Brazil and back again to current times. The characters will get under your skin, and you will, like us, find it hard to believe that they do not exist in the real world. Your imagination will bring them to life just as ours did. You will love some of the characters and despise others. You will share their journey, as it will be impossible, once entranced, once spellbound to halt the journey of The Wind Riders.

 Heloisa Prieto is one of Brazil’s most celebrated children and YA authors, having sold in excess of a million books in her native country. You can discover more about Heloisa HERE.

The Wind Riders is two stories interlaced, that of Brazilian-Irish girl Brianna, and her Irish grandmother Maureen Haughney. Torn between lovers, feeling out of place in their privileged surroundings, both women find themselves drawn to Ireland; for Maureen, it is the land of her birth, for Brianna, it is somewhere she travels to for answers.

The Portuguese version of The Wind Riders (Vijantes do Vento) was published by Estrela Cultural in Brazil this January. Rights and licenses to all non-Portuguese speaking territories are fully available.