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Next Picture Book Course – 4th May 2011


Next course starts on Weds 4th May 2011

Both elements – writing & illustration will be combined over alternate weeks.This course is suitable for aspiring, beginners or emerging children’s writers/illustrators, and those with a love of children’s literature & art, and enthusiasm to learn more. During the course you will receive an overview of the many components of children’s literature and illustration. You might have some great ideas, but how do you go about writing & illustrating a children’s picture book? Part lecture, part workshop, this course will take you through the process of writing, editing, illustration, experimentation, and finally submitting a children’s picture book to publishers..

Subjects– writing

  • How to ‘write in pictures’
  • Building a Story Framework
  • Character development
  • How to develop a premise into a plot
  • The right language and vocabulary
  • Picture Book Genres & Themes
  • Point of view, dialogue & voice
  • Readability
  • Why editors like to choose their own illustrators
  • Cultivate the habit of revision and editing
  • The nuts and bolts of marketing a manuscript

A good understanding of the relationship between image and text is vital to the success in creating children’s picture books. It is important to feel comfortable with drawing, and ability with at least one colour medium. This course will appeal to people with a professional or general art background, who enjoy picture making. The approach will emphasise sequence, pace, continuity, design, and layout. The course concentrates on moulding your existing techniques to fit the children’s book market, and encourages students to develop their own individuality and imagination. Student can continue on from the writing course with their own unique story, or bring along a well loved classic to illustrate. Poems, Rhymes and Alphabet books are also welcome. The aim is to increase both experimentation and professionalism
Subjects- illustration

  • Physical structure of a picture book
  • Planning your book.
  • Visual continuity and the sequential image.
  • Character development
  • Keeping sketchbooks
  • Picture space and composition
  • How to break down and interpret a text
  • How to create a layout and paginate a text.
  • Creating thumbnail sketches & storyboards.
  • Deciding on a medium/personal style
  • Interaction, composition and content.
  • Creating a complete Book Dummy.

BY THE END OF THIS COURSE YOU WILL HAVE: Created a Picture Book Dummy & manuscript ready for submission to prospective publishers, or to include in your portfolio as a demonstration of your capabilities.
VENUE: The Garden Art Room, Carmelite Centre, 56 Aungier Street, Dublin 2
DURATION: 6 months from May 4th 2011, Weds 6.30-9pm.
Course Fees: E780. Booking deposit E390 required early Jan 2011, E390 euro balance payable on first day of course

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