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Oh, What a Night!

This time last week we were all revelling in the success of our show, Voyagers Good Eggs and Beasts. We really did have a blast and the weather was amazing. Lots of red dots, and merchandise sold at the PopUp Shop. Most of the students, if not all, were exhibiting for the very first time.

Illustrator Carolina Medina Fuentes

Illustrator selling her first piece of art

The venue, Studio 10, Wicklow Street, Dublin 2, and owner JeannieWenham took on my class of 33 illustration students for their all important end of year show, after Filmbase closed its doors in March this year. It was at very short notice that I contacted Jeannie through word of mouth. From the beginning to the end of our show Jeannie was the kindest, most accommodating, flexible and professional person I have EVER had the pleasure of dealing with. She employed a professional technician, Pete, to hang our work (a lot!!!) and he worked miracles. Her venue is top notch with fabulous views out of the big bay window. Tons of light and atmosphere, making our event even more spectacular than we ever could have dreamt.
here are some shots of the evening, taking by Marie-Claire Byard (available for event as photographer and videographer as well as social media marketeer: 086 836 8448

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