One to One Coaching & Mentoring

One to One mentoring and Coaching
Adrienne Geoghegan: Illustrator, Writer and Picture Book Coach
Do you have a picture book idea, characters you’d love to develop, or a story text that needs further development? Or, perhaps you need mentoring and advice to create a professional-looking illustration portfolio. And if picture books are your thing, you might yearn to develop a coheasive collection of illustrations for a children’s book portfolio. In all these cases, you will most likely need independent art direction or editorial advice, and the confidence to bring your dreams and aspirations alive.
How will Adrienne help me to develop my work?
Adrienne can help you in a number of ways depending on your project and plans. For example, she can guide you to hone your text to suit the picture book genre, create a storyboard, or develop a tailored illustration portfolio. You will then be in a better position to approach publishers and agents, who will be happy to give your project the attention it deserves. Her goal is to help you to recognise both the strengths the weaknesses of your work or project. In other words to become your own best critic. Adrienne offers positive and constructive feedback as well as guidance on how to improve your work or reach your goals.  Her evaluations are honest and thorough.  For picture books, Adrienne will focus on the construction of your picture book texts or ideas and examine the way in which you can make the words and pictures work together harmoniously. She will guide you to become familiar with the key elements required to shape your story, to give it pace, and to create a satisfying non-cliched ending. 

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I had a one to one consultation with Adrienne in relation to picture books. I found her advise clear, concise and practical. Adrienne is friendly, professional, insightful and encouraging. I had gotten to a certain stage with some projects but was unsure as to how to proceed and found the consultation gave me a clear idea of what to do next. Adrienne is helpful and easy to talk to and I would have no hesitation in recommending her or consulting with her again.
Liz Rackard
Artist (Liz went on to attend Illustration Boot Camp and Picture Book Bootcamp.)
I found my consultation with Adrienne very useful. I am a watercolour artist but a complete beginner in the area of book illustration so she gave me simple, practical advice about how to develop individual pictures and also how to conceive the whole sequence of images as they would be experienced by a reader turning the pages. She urged me to follow my own instincts and preferences in terms of style and medium, which I found enormously encouraging. She made the whole undertaking seem quite possible – whereas it hadn’t really before! She also explained a lot about how publishers work so that my partner was able to decide how to proceed with the business side of things.
Anne McLeod
Our time spent with Adrienne was very helpful. She made us feel that our project was viable and set us on the path of bringing it to fruition with practical advice and criticism. I look forward to working with her again when we get to the next stage.
Olivia Goodbody
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