Here are some picture book trends I have been aware of for the past year ot two. What will 2020 bring!

Bedtime Stories with a Difference

Books like Sleepy the Goodnight Buddy by Drew Daywalt, The Yawn That Wouldn’t Stop by Greg Gormley Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late! by Mo Willems, are great examples of this topic…so whether they’re utterly hilarious, wildly imaginative, or softly soothing,  bedtime picture books are always in demand. The more unusual of them turn the traditional bedtime story on its head.  They offer the kids (and poor parents) something different and refreshing.


Kindness and Love

One of the trends in picture books over the past few years is the topic of kindness and love. We had the  2018 success of Pat Zietlow Miller’s story Be Kind, Matt de la Peña’s Love, and How Kind! by Mary Murphy


Cultural Diversity

Picture books about world culture, diversity, and immigration are another growing trend set, thankfully set to continue. As Ireland and Europe become more diverse, it makes total sense that children’s literature will too. I’m an Immigrant Too by Mem Fox,  The Skin You Live In by Michael Tyler and All Are Welcome by Alexandra Penfold are wonderful examples.


Manners, Morality Etc.

Picture books that offer some sort of ‘life lesson’  are being published in large numbers: And How Rude! by Clare Helen Welsh teaches a lesson in manners. Mind Your Manners by  Nicola Edwards, Illustrated by  Feronia Parker-Thomas

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