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Illustration Boot Camp Course


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Choose one:

  1. 19 – 23 Aug 2019 | one week | daytime €500
    €250 deposit due on booking
  2. 10 – 14 Feb 2020 | one week | daytime €500
    €250 deposit due on booking
  3. September 2020 | six months  | evening €1,300
    €650 deposit due on booking

This iLLUSTORi Academy course is designed for aspiring, emerging or lapsed visual artists of ALL disciplines. Full syllabus in the course description.

Pay 50% deposit on booking, and the rest ON or BEFORE the course starts.


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About the Illustration Boot Camp Course: August Fully Booked – Feb 2020 wait list

This iLLUSTORi Academy course is designed for aspiring, emerging or lapsed visual artists of ALL disciplines. Full syllabus in the course description.

Just pay your 50% deposit now and the rest before the course starts. If you wish to pay all up front contact me to arrange this – adriennegeoghegan@gmail.com


€500    full price   – August 2019   | one week | daytime | Stoneybatter | Limited to 4 places. (currently full) 

€500    full price   – February 2020  | one week | daytime | Stoneybatter | Limited to 4 places.

€1,430  full price  – September 2020  | six months | evening | Aungier Street, D2. | Limited to 20 places.

€250.00 deposit for daytime August and daytime February course

Then €250.00 balance will then be due on or before the course commencement date.

€715.00 deposit for evening September 2020 course.

Then €715.00 balance will then be due on or before the course commencement date.

The courses run on the following dates, please select when purchasing

  • Daytime: Aug 19th to 23r 2019  | 10 am to 5 pm | Stoneybatter | 2 places available 
  • Daytime: Feb 10th to 14th 2020  | 10 am to 5 pm| Stoneybatter | Limited to 4 places.
  • Evenings: September 2020 – Tuesdays 6.15 pm to 9.15 pm | six months | limited to 20 students.Can be completed in one FULL daytime course in August or February or in six months from September 2020 one night a week.

This one-week iLLUSTORi Academy course is limited to four people, designed for aspiring, emerging or lapsed visual artists of ALL disciplines. It is also suitable for those in the areas of graphic design or fine art, who wish to expand their skill set.  Illustrators looking to update their portfolio to target agents and publishers will also benefit. The real definition of illustration is a figurative art form based on storytelling. This can apply to Editorial Illustration, Advertising, Album Covers, Posters, Children’s Picture Books etc…

First, allow me to define illustration, and clear up any confusion:

An illustration is a drawing, a painting, an assemblage, a collage any art form really that has been created to perform a particular function. That is what mostly defines it, it performs a function.
This function may be one or more of the following:

  1. Inform or explain
  2. Encourage or stimulate
  3. Adorn
  4. Attar
  5. Narrate

No matter how the primary purpose of an illustration is defined, it is always practical instead of purely aesthetic.

The second major factor that defines illustration is its manner of presentation–usually by some mode of mass communication (such as, the printed page). Although illustration is the area of applied art that remains the closest to fine art, its function and format are the aspects that differentiate it from the fine arts. Therefore, an illustrator is not only concerned with the production of visual images (as are all visual artists), but with the graphic devices that make it an effective communication tool as well.

At the end of this course

Students will: have a greater understanding of the various types of materials, techniques and methodologies. Create up to 6 NEW Illustrations to use towards a portfolio builder/extender. Created a developmental sketchbook.  

Taught by published artist, collagist and writer Adrienne Geoghegan.


Adrienne is a trained Golden Colours Educator. She will cover all the various paints, pencils and mediums tried and tested by her. Everyone works a bit differently so there is no firm material list. On day one you will need to have a sketchbook, things to draw with, and ‘colours’ at the bare minimum. Throughout the course, you may want to experiment with other drawing materials, and you might want to use nice paper for finished pieces, all of which we will discuss the first day of the course.

Course Resources

We will discuss books and websites in class that you may choose to explore during and after the course.


All students are expected to attend classes regularly and promptly and for the duration of the scheduled week.

Please Note: Because this course is only five days long, students should be prepared to do homework outside of class, and be ready to discuss their work during in-class critique.

We Cover the Following (Evening structure will differ)


  • Overview of Supplies and Possibilities
  • Substrates, Surfaces
  • Compatibility of Materials
  • Observational Drawing
  • Imaginative drawing
  • Historical and Contemporary Practitioners,
  • Discussing Techniques, Materials and Style of Contemporary Illustrators
  • Online Image Resources
  • Materials: How Each Media Interacts (or not) With the Others.
  • The Practice of Keeping Sketchbooks
  • Initial Warm Up Illustration Exercises Working From the Theme supplied by Adrienne.


  • Illustration Techniques, Adrienne’s Tips and Hints
  • Planning Your Layout and Composition
  • Inspiration Finding
  • Assignment One: Portrait As Illustration


  • Using Hand Lettering
  • Assignment Two: Book Cover Re-Design (Title Supplied)
  • Interim Critique


  • Poster Design: Theme supplied
  • Interim Critique


  • Editorial Illustration (Article supplied)
  • After Lunch: Final Finishing Off and Final Critique

Please Note: This course may NOT adhere PRECISELY to what is written in the published list. To be realistic, courses sometimes deviate from this to allow for class needs and dynamics.


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