One to One Coaching and Mentoring

One to One Coaching and Mentoring


Time: mutually agreed to suit
Location: Online (Zoom)
Capacity: one to one
Cost €100 per hour or part thereof.

Do you have a picture book idea, characters you’d love to develop, or a story text that needs further development? Or, perhaps you need mentoring and advice to create a professional-looking illustration portfolio. And if picture books are your thing, you might yearn to develop a cohesive collection of illustrations for a children’s book portfolio. In all these cases, you will most likely need independent art direction or editorial advice, and the confidence to bring your dreams and aspirations alive.

If you’d like an initial one-hour session you can book here.

How will Adrienne help me to develop my work?
Adrienne can help you in a number of ways depending on your project and plans. For example, she can guide you to hone your text to suit the picture book genre, create a storyboard, or develop a tailored illustration portfolio. You will then be in a better position to approach publishers and agents, who will be happy to give your project the attention it deserves. Her goal is to help you to recognise both the strengths the weaknesses of your work or project. In other words to become your own best critic. Adrienne offers positive and constructive feedback as well as guidance on how to improve your work or reach your goals.  Her evaluations are honest and thorough.  For picture books, Adrienne will focus on the construction of your picture book texts or ideas and examine the way in which you can make the words and pictures work together harmoniously. She will guide you to become familiar with the key elements required to shape your story, to give it pace, and to create a satisfying non-cliched ending.
An agent will find it so much easier to work on your behalf if they receive fully developed picture book proposals or high-quality illustration portfolios. This in turn allows them to place your work with the most suitable publishers. It also provides you with the best chance of getting a contract in this highly competitive market.  Adrienne can offer a high level of support tailored to suit your needs. This can include coaching, mentoring, and advising on all aspects of your creative process, including illustration, picture book writing, your work ethic, time management, and general illustration portfolio reviews, empowering you to find your style and vision.  In addition, if you have ever dreamt of attending the annually held Bologna Children’s Book Fair in Italy,  to market your portfolio or texts, Adrienne can offer advice and tips for you to get the most out of your trip.
What is the current market like?
Publishing is a rapidly changing business and a very tough marketplace.  Because publishing houses have limited in-house resources, they need to strive to reduce their overheads. One of the many ways they achieve this is by acquiring a more finished, high-quality book or portfolio.  One that hopefully doesn’t need a lot of further editing or polishing. Literary, illustration, and picture book agents juggle a lot. Their job will be made a whole lot easier if they receive a fully developed proposal or a professional portfolio to place with their clients. Receiving objective and critical feedback is essential to making sure your project gets off the ground and is the best it can be before you contact a publisher, phone an agent, or press ‘send’ on your laptop.
What do I need for the online mentoring session?
Bring whatever work or project you have available to show Adrienne. This could be your typed manuscript, even a first draft, a sketchbook of ideas, characters & doodles, or plot outlines, or a portfolio that needs attention. For picture books, most authors are writing for ages 3 to 7,  the most common picture book age category. If that’s you, then aim for between 300 to 750 words. That’s what they call the ‘sweet’ spot. Even if you are just starting out and looking for direction, Adrienne will be delighted to hear from you.
What experience has Adrienne got in this area?
Adrienne has 30 years of experience in this industry. She has critiqued hundreds of manuscripts and picture book projects over the years, reviewed books for Children’s Books Ireland and portfolios for Illustrators Ireland. She has worked with students both privately, third-level colleges, The Irish Writers Centre for over 10 years, and in group settings with her illustration boot camps and picture book camps. She has also been invited as a guest speaker to many cultural institutes and events. Many of her alumni have gone on to be published, and are members of Illustrators Ireland. Adrienne has written and illustrated many picture books, as well as co-written Windriders a YA, illustrated {by Adrienne)novel with esteemed Brazilian author Heloisa Prieto. Adrienne illustrated two children’s picture books for the South Korean market in 2020.
How to prepare:
  1. For Picture Books: Your manuscript {if you have one} should be emailed to Adrienne a week prior to your meeting. Each session is €100 per hour or part thereof. For example, 20 minutes of reading your manuscript prior to our Zoom call, and 40 minutes on Zoom, or the full hour online, whichever you prefer or suits your needs.
  2. For Portfolio Reviews: Send a PDF email of your work that Adrienne can screen share on the Zoom call.
If you are committed to taking your portfolio, picture book text, or picture book proposal to the next level, book a session with Adrienne Geoghegan of The Illustori Academy today.
Cost: Online Zoom coaching is €100 per hour or part thereof.