One to one training and coaching

100.00 / per hour

Adrienne Geoghegan can help you hone your picture book text and illustrations so that publishers or agents receive a professional and well thought out proposal. You can book one hour to start and if you need more coaching, you re-book with mutually agreed times and dates.

A. Why would I need objective picture-book editorial advice?
B. Why would I need an independent review of my portfolio?

Isn’t that the publisher’s or agent’s job?

An agent will find it so much easier to work on your behalf when they receive fully developed picture book proposals or high quality illustration portfolios. This allows them to place your work immediately with potential publishers, providing you with the best chance of acceptance in this highly competitive market. If you opt to send un-agented work, you have a better chance of not ending in the slush pile.

As an experienced published author and illustrator myself,  I know how challenging the journey to publication can be. I can offer a high level of support that suits you and your needs. This can include assistance and advice with all aspects of your creative process, including illustration, picture book writing, and general illustration portfolio review, empowering you to find your vision. I can tailor our online meeting to help you shape the book that you have always wanted to write or illustrate, and the portfolio you have always dreamed of creating.


1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours, 5 hours, 6 hours + 1 hour free

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