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Summer Assignment for 2019 Student Intake


Start now to get ahead of the game!  You can pick and choose from below as long as you add the correct image number to each of your images. Join the conservation with fellow students using the hashtag #Visual123  in your social media, especially Instagram.


Using a variety of materials and mediums draw from observation, or in some cases from imagination.  Use a sketchbook with stiff smooth paper.

  1. draw the view out of your bedroom window
  2. draw a wine label
  3. draw your new art supplies
  4. draw any fruit (sliced open)
  5. draw your favourite pet
  6. draw a crumpled piece of paper
  7. draw a child’s toy
  8. draw game pieces
  9. draw a cup of tea
  10. draw some cakes
  11. draw a banana peel
  12. draw a beetroot
  13. draw your phone
  14. design a cushion cover
  15. draw your shoes (off)
  16. draw your kettle
  17. draw a vintage teacup and saucer
  18. draw a shop front
  19. draw an exotic fish
  20. draw a colourful bird or birds
  21. draw a scene from your holidays or break away
  22. draw 3 items from your refrigerator
  23. draw your clothes drying
  24. draw a pile of jewellery
  25. draw a relative’s portrait
  26. draw your house keys
  27. draw a journey you are on
  28. make a collage
  29. draw something on brown paper
  30. draw an outfit for Frida Kahlo
  31. draw a page of faces
  32. draw a handbag
  33. draw your make up or grooming items
  34. draw your favourite socks
  35. draw a group of cacti
  36. draw three potted herbs
  37. draw ingredients for a salad
  38. draw soup and a sandwich
  39. draw kiwi slices
  40. draw a colourful scarf draped or folded
  41. design a pattern in blue & white & red
  42. draw your favourite flowers
  43. doodle whilst listening to your favourite song
  44. draw a letter box
  45. draw a market stall
  46. draw antiques at a flea market
  47. draw your dream house
  48. draw a salt and pepper shaker
  49. draw a patterned bowl
  50. draw an old camera
  51. draw a book you are reading
  52. draw a jar of pickles
  53. design a rug
  54. draw a banana skin
  55. draw a pair of gloves
  56. draw a bunch of asparagus
  57. draw an open avocado
  58. draw a cup of cappuccino
  59. draw a letter before you post it.
  60. draw a baby or toddler
  61. draw a lamp
  62. draw a monster
  63. draw an elephant for a children’s book
  64. draw a child drawing
  65. draw a page of cupcakes
  66. draw a bra
  67. draw something you don’t like to eat
  68. draw a monument
  69. draw around a cut out hole
  70. draw a grumpy cat
  71. draw a lie you tell kids
  72. draw an imaginary map
  73. draw Donald Trump’s ugly face
  74. draw a light bulb head
  75. draw a dancing hippo
  76. draw a venetian mask
  77. draw a wild thing
  78. draw a page of insects
  79. draw a vegetable on a walk
  80. draw an imaginary map of a city
  81. design shoes to be worn by a trendy 98 yr. old
  82. draw something embarrassing
  83. draw something boring
  84. draw Abraham Lincoln
  85. draw Dali in his PJs
  86. draw a birdhouse
  87. draw an unconventional wedding cake
  88. draw a slice of red onion
  89. draw a jar of pens and pencils
  90. draw a stylised Dublin skyline.
  91. draw whilst in a café
  92. draw a passer-by whilst you people watch
  93. draw on a plane, train or automobile
  94. draw bad weather
  95. draw an umbrella up
  96. draw your most recent purchase
  97. draw a dream
  98. draw a dog riding a bike
  99. draw an ariel view of a small city garden
  100. design this sketchbook cover!
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