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My collages represent my love for storytelling and found objects. I’ve been salvaging and collecting materials for decades. My portfolio is sizeable, styles and mediums quite varied, but most of my artwork including children’s books, probably falls under the classification of collage and assemblage. Lately, I’ve been working on new picture book proposals, vastly different from the work I did on previously published picture books. I love to ponder through the pages of vintage magazines, either just for the fun or intently searching for the perfect image to add to my archive of collage elements.

Likewise, my more dimensional pieces, such as my shrines and re purposed plates are founded in similar collage and assemblage techniques. All my work is united by the unexpected beauty of everyday materials set free from their original purpose, salvaged, ripped, and repurposed anew.

I create my collages with a mixture of acrylic, sometimes gouache, drawing, carefully selected fragments of paper, and recycled imagery collected from my daily life. The process of deconstructing materials and imagery to create my own view is a deeply intuitive and continuing visual investigation.

Each one of my collages begins with either an idea, wild or otherwise, or quite simply, one evocative fragment of paper. Like a puzzle, the piece evolves as. I continue to cut, crop, trim, and manipulate the found elements. I continue to make decisions about what is working and what is needed to bring it to a place I am very happy with, especially regarding composition.

All my collages are unique and hand made with original source materials.

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